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What IS Gold?


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What is Gold?

Most people do not fully understand what Gold is. Yes,  it is a yellow metal but it's much more. The best definition I ever heard was given by a Swiss Central Banker. He said, " Gold is the asset of last resort, of the bank of last resort. It is the only asset we hold that has no debt attached to it." What he means is that all of the assets the Central Bank owns has debt attached to it and must be repaid to the bank. The exception being Gold.


It is an asset unto its self. It is worth whatever the price of Gold is on any given day, and its value is the same anywhere in the world. Unlike our paper currency which is backed by the "full faith and Credit of the United States" [One can see just how frugal the United States has been over the past 60 years. As I view it,  our money is backed by a bankrupt nation; the debt can never be repaid. 

See my chart below on how much time it would take to count to one trillion by seconds. THE ANSWER IS:  31,688 years and 269 days. The true national debt, which includes "off budget" items like Social Security, Medicare and "free prescription pills is running close to $220 trillion dollars, not the nearly $17 trillion alleged national debt. What most people don't realize is that our government increasing is using VooDoo math to keep the enormity of the real debt from the average American.

All debt has one thing in common. It must be repaid! There are only 3 ways to repay Debt. ONE: You can pay debt off by using profits. Highly unlikely. TWO: You can go Bankrupt, also unlikely. THREE:  Or you can inflate your currency by printing worthless paper. This is the worst thing that can happen to people that have money in the bank or own paper backed securities, i.e.,  stocks or bonds. It's called HYPER INFLATION  and it destroys all paper backed assets. It is far worse than a depression.

In times like these, Gold is the one asset that goes up in price. The official price of Gold in 1920 was $20.00. In 1933, it twas raised to $35.00 a ounce in 1934. The official price of gold set by the government today is $42.22 a ounce. What I am telling you is that Gold is the one asset that increased in value during the Great Depression. It also tells you that our government has devalued our dollar twice since 1933.  The Official Price of Gold is the price our our nation values its Gold holdings.

So who owns Gold? The majority of Gold is owned by the wealth of the world. People that have had wealth for hundreds of years. Kings, Queens, the Rothschild and Rockefeller families to name a few. What is it that they know that most of us don't know?  ANSWER: GOLD IS REAL MONEY! It survives life times and centuries. In troubled financial times such as these,  it's a necessity to own gold and silver. Gold is the Insurance Policy for the assets you have worked so hard to acquire.

Harvey Gordin

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Counting to ONE TRILLION

University of Houston professor Jim Granato stated that it would only take 31,688 years, but that would require you to spit out a number every second!!

You can certainly count to 10 in 10 seconds, but when we start to move onto really long polysyllabic numbers (like 52,375,127,348 for instance) it becomes much more difficult to keep up with 1 number per second.

Therefore, calculating how long it would take to count to a trillion (that's a million times a million) would require a more dynamic formula that takes into account the increased amount of time it takes to name the numbers as the numbers get higher. Our sources came up with a pretty good estimate of 542,241 years.

Either way, don't expect to count to a trillion in your lifetime

Source: http://www.omg-facts.com/Animals/Counting-To-One-Trillion-Would-Take-Clos/6337


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